Kassem Taher Saleh

Democracy and Participation

I want to take a clear stand against racism and right-wing extremism. Because I know from my own experience how big the problem with right-wing extremism and group-based hostility towards people is in Germany. Against this, we need a strong democracy and a vibrant civil society. Only in this way can we guarantee that all people can develop freely, regardless of their origin, social position, religion, appearance, gender or sexual identity.


In my political actions and thinking, I draw a clear line against racism and right-wing extremism and ideologies of inequality in all its forms. Germany has a massive problem with right-wing extremism and group-based misanthropy - it is not a marginal problem or a problem of the past. In a democracy that sees human dignity as the guiding principle of its actions, anti-racism and anti-fascism must be at the center of our actions. Racism, right-wing violence and structures as well as right-wing extremism must be fought with all constitutional means. Because racism and all forms of discrimination are not only a great danger for affected people, they also threaten the equal and peaceful coexistence of all people.

The best remedy against right-wing extremism and racism is a strong democracy that is defensible against right-wing ideologies. Only a society in which people can develop independently of their origin, social position, religion, appearance, gender or sexual identity is a society worth living in. For such a society, a strengthened civil society is indispensable.

Many civil society initiatives take a stand against hatred and agitation on a daily basis and opt for courage and tolerance. In Saxony in particular, they are an important pillar in the fight against right-wing violence and racism and in strengthening anti-racist educational work. Numerous committed people in local authorities, government agencies, political parties, clubs, associations and trade unions do indispensable, invaluable work for our democracy. They strengthen the cohesion of civil society, build bridges and make an important contribution to the formation of the will of responsible citizens. These initiatives need support and genuine appreciation in the form of financial security and planning safety. They must also be protected from intimidation in their work and must not fear criminalization for their important work. Sports facilities are also enormously important in anti-racist educational work. Sport creates participation, promotes inclusion, and provides a common denominator. Integration, tolerance and shared togetherness are important values in all sports. That is why sports facilities and sports clubs must be supported by politics with financial resources in their important civil society work.

In the Bundestag, I will advocate the following:

  • Consistent combating of right-wing violence in all its forms, in the form of a Democracy Promotion Act.
  • Anti-racist awareness and education work, especially in democratic institutions such as the police.
  • Promotion of political education, especially in local sports clubs.
  • Strengthening our democracy and our civil society as a central prevention against right-wing and racist violence.

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Democracy and Participation
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