Kassem Taher Saleh

Hello, Salam and Merhaba!

My name is Kassem Taher Saleh and i am a member of the 20th German Bundestag.

I am from Dresden and I am making politics for a climate-friendly building and housing policy, humane asylum policy and sustainable democracy promotion for Dresden and Saxony. I advocate these issues in the Bundestag as chairman in the committee for housing, urban development, building and municipalities and as a deputy member in the committee for climate and energy as well as in the committee for human rights. On my website you will find information about myself, my political priorities and current events. You can reach me via the contact form - feel free to write to me if you have any questions about myself or topics that are interesting to you. Let us bring a breath of fresh air into politics together!

Kassem in Dresden

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My speeches in the Bundestag

Overview of my speeches on my topics in the German Bundestag.

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Meine Erklärung zur Neuregelung der Neubauförderung "Klimafreundlicher Neubau"

Meine neuste Pressemitteilung

Report of MDR and ARD

Muslim Life in East Germany: The MP

Report from MDR und ARD

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Precessing the injustice of the SED

Foto von Kassem Taher Saleh: er lächelt in die Kamera und hat verschränkte Arme. Im Hintergrund ist ein Park zu sehen.

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Asylum Policy

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