Kassem Taher Saleh


elephant round? single plan? household week!

The first week after the summer break is traditionally the household week.

Elephants in the Bundestag?

They are called the Elephant Round: This is the big general debate on the policy of the Federal Government with the Federal Chancellor and the heavyweights of politics.

Traditionally, it takes place on Wednesdays during the four-day budget deliberations. The deliberations, which last several hours, include the budget of the Federal Chancellery and are the highlight of the parliamentary debates in the budget week.

Briefly to the hard facts:

This week you will often read something about individual plans: According to the ministerial principle, each department is assigned an individual plan that estimates the budget (income, expenditure, etc.). I am concentrating primarily on the individual plan 25.
With all the individual plans, the federal budget for 2024 will total around 446 billion euros!

My focus: The Ministry of Construction

The individual plan 25 is that of the Federal Ministry for Housing, Urban Development and Building (BMWSB). Overall, the draft budget of the BMWSB provides for expenditure of 6.962 billion euros.
Where is so much money going?

Three projects:

Climate-friendly construction: With a new program, model projects for innovations in the building sector are to be funded with 52 million euros

Strong social housing construction: The funds will increase to 3.15 billion euros in 2024. This also hides money for "young living", i.e. student and trainee dormitories

Funding for age-appropriate conversion: The funding for new construction and conversion for accessibility is to be doubled and amount to 150 million euros for the first time

And after the week?

This is only the first reading in the Bundestag: The federal budget for 2024 is to be passed in November. Until then, there are still many meetings in which the budget is discussed, e.g. the deliberations in the budget committee.
Of course we work together, I can think of a few things for the Ministry of Construction: promoting new non-profit housing, promoting ecological building materials or supporting resilient green cities.