Kassem Taher Saleh

My topics

Construction politics


Affordable housing is a human right. As a civil engineer, I have the claim that people can live attractively, affordably and ecologically at fair rents. At the same time, we have another big task as a society - our fight against the climate crisis. Around 40% of CO2 emissions are currently attributable to the building sector. Only with a radical building turnaround towards resource- and landsaving, ecological construction can we master this task.

Democracy and Participation


I want to take a clear stand against racism and right-wing extremism. Because I know from my own experience how big the problem with right-wing extremism and group-based hostility towards people is in Germany. Against this, we need a strong democracy and a vibrant civil society. Only in this way can we guarantee that all people can develop freely, regardless of their origin, social position, religion, appearance, gender or sexual identity.

Asylum Policy

Bild Asylpolitik

A particular issue close to my heart is asylum policy. I stand up for dignity and humanity and against isolationist policies that trample human lives underfoot. We need legal escape routes, fast access to language courses, better family reunification, and so on. In its coalition agreement, the "traffic light" government has decided on many good changes. I want to help ensure that they are implemented as quickly as possible.